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Chairman Mr. Xuan Ruiguo Won "Man of the Year 2009 in China's Automation Industry"

08 April 2010

The Fifth CAIE (Chinese Automation Industries Event) 2010, the most influential annual event in the field of China’s Automation, was held in Beijing on 8 April 2010. CAIE was sponsored by Chinese Association of Automation, and cosponsored by China Instrument Manufacturer's Association, China Computer Industry Association (CCIA), China National Association for Automation in Petroleum and Chemical Industry, etc.

Dai Ruwei, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Chinese Association of Automation, and Jiang Mingtao, the deputy chief of Department of Telecommunication under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, attended the event and made opening speeches. Nearly 200 experts, business executives, media representatives and users from China's Automation Industry, who have led the development of the industry, assembled here.

The procedures of deciding awards in CAIE 2010 included entry recommendation, experts' evaluation and online voting, and seven awards including Man of the Year 2009 in China's Automation Industry, Annual Special Award, Top Ten Enterprises of the Year, Top Ten News of the Year, Top Ten Most Influential Projects of the Year, Top Ten Most Competitive Innovation Products of the Year and Top Ten Distinguished Papers of the Year, were given finally. Aiming at recording and giving comments on each step in the development of China's Automation Industry, CAIE commends individuals and enterprises making substantial contributions to such development and presents the progress and highlights of China's Automation Industry over the past year based on the principles of Professional, Just, Fair and Open.

Mr. Xuan Ruiguo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAG, won the considerable award of Man of the Year 2009 in China's Automation Industry. With keen determination and high aspiration, CAG is a company specialized in providing professional safety and critical control systems as well as services on relevant projects and maintenance. And it is the largest provider of safety and critical control systems in the petrochemical industry in China, and one of the largest providers of railway signaling systems in China.

In 2009, the Group realized balanced organic growth with great performance in the industry of railway signaling and petrochemical industries; meanwhile, the Group carried out joint venture, investment, and merger & acquisition by focusing on these two major industries.

Railway signaling industry

ABB Microunion Traction Equipment Limited, Guangzhou was founded in December 2009 by ABB (China) Limited and CAG to expand business that gives priority to railway signaling systems to the business of train driving and control systems with sound development prospect, thereby further widening the varieties of railway signaling products and laying a solid foundation for the generalization of railway business for the Group.

Petrochemical industry
In December 2009, the Group signed a Framework Agreement on Cooperation and established a joint venture with Ningxia Yinxing Energy Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of automation instruments in China, to jointly develop the business of automation instruments and strengthen the overall and competitive strength of the Group in the automation industry so as to further consolidate its leadership in safety and critical control systems of petrochemical industry.

CAG will strive to make unceasing progress, provide high-quality and high-tech products and services for customers, and commit itself to creating safe and harmonious living conditions.

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