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China Automation Group is the largest integrated solutions provider of safety and critical control systems, the largest domestic manufacturer of control valves in the petrochemical industry, a qualified supplier of engineering design (grade A) and an EPC general contractor. It specializes in providing safety and critical control systems, and control valves for petrochemical industry, and engineering design and EPC for petrochemical, coal liquefaction & chemical and other industries. The Group also develops new market in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In view of the promising prospect of the healthcare services industry in China, the Group had acquired 60% of the total issued share capital of Etern Group Limited, an investment holding company holding 98% equity interest in Yongding Hospital Company Limited, which is principally engaged in hospital business in Suzhou, China in July 2017.

The Group has undertaken a detailed strategic review of the Group for the purpose of developing business plans and strategies for its business development in the future, and determining whether any change would be appropriate or desirable in order to optimise its business.

  1. Strive to reinforce its leading position in the petrochemical industry
  2. Enhance the Group’s overall competitiveness by expanding product portfolio through enhanced R&D
  3. Continue to pursue research and development of high-end control valves, targeting at substituting first-tier import brands, tapping the huge opportunities afforded by the localization of industrial products in China
  4. Increase the revenue contribution from its recurring engineering and maintenance services by its enhanced service teams and through provision of more value-added services.
  5. Consider further investments in the healthcare services sector and disposing of the loss-making companies in the petrochemical segment should suitable opportunities arise so as to improve the overall earnings of the Group and increase the relative contribution from the healthcare business segment



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